Tuesday, December 23, 2008

James Hamilton Jr.

Spouse's name/length of marriage: Jillian Ashley (Harding) Hamilton (Jill), 10 years

Children's names and ages: James Merrill Hamilton III (Jake), 4; Jedidiah Wayne Hamilton (Jed), 2; Luke Harding Hamilton, 5 months.

Hometown: Several towns in Arkansas

Current church: Baptist Church of the Redeemer (Houston, Texas)

Current local church ministry: Looking to serve where the Lord plants us.

Hobbies: Talking with my wife, playing wiffle ball, kickball and whatever else with my sons.

Most influential person in your life: my wife.

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: Hearing Dr. Danny Akin tell the story of the change that took place at the school when Dr. Mohler came as president.

Something surprising students might not know about you: Denny Burk, Barry Joslin and I started the Th.M. program at Dallas Theological Seminary in the same year. We were all single, all in a spiritual formation group together there (similar to Shepherding Groups at Southern), and then we all came to SBTS for further study.

What books, beside the Bible, have most influenced you and why: "The Complete Works of Shakespeare;" I am desperately in love with my wife and need new ways to tell her so. Dante's "Inferno;" it vividly helps me see the consequences of sin. Milton's "Paradise Lost;" for the massive proportion of its descriptions. Tom Schreiner's "Paul, Apostle of God's Glory in Christ;" it put Pauline theology together for me and in many ways served as my introduction to biblical theology. Paul House's "Old Testa-ment Theology;" it introduced me to canonical Old Testament theology. Stephen Dempster's "Dominion and Dynasty;" beautifully written and source of so many intriguing insights into the "narrative storyline" and accompanying "poetic commentary."

What influenced your decision to come to Southern Seminary: Seeking the Lord in His word and prayer, talking with people who know me well, and the unfolding of the events in the process.

Ministry philosophy: For the glory of God to obey Christ in the Great Commission task of making disciples by the power of the Spirit.

Life Bible verse: Romans 11:36 (I really like Proverbs 5:1819, too, though!)

List one of your favorite: Authors Charles Dickens. Preachers John Piper. Courses that you teach Messiah in the Old Testament. Music groups
A congregation singing Getty/Townend or Sovereign Grace songs. Movies "Hoosiers." Television shows World Series, college football bowl games. Vacation spots Anywhere with my sweet wife.

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