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Students talk about the impact of dean Jerry Johnson
January 26, 2003
By Staff

The board of trustees of the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies (CCBS) unanimously elected Boyce College dean Jerry A. Johnson as the sixth president and chief executive officer of CCBS, which includes Criswell College and Criswell Communications, during its meeting Dec. 5.

Johnson, a 1986 Criswell graduate, will assume his duties Feb. 1. Below are some testimonies from Boyce College students about the impact Johnson made during his tenure as dean.

* “I feel that Dr. Johnson truly made an impact on this school simply by ... his love for Christ and also his love for the students.” -- Jessica Kelsey

* “I am grateful for Dr. Johnson because of his integrity and commitment to the Word. He has refused to shy away from the authority of the Scripture and will not compromise the Gospel in the midst of adversity. ... Dr. Johnson and his family are truly a blessing and will be greatly missed.” -- Stephanie Alvaro

* “I am grateful for Dr. Johnson because of his outstanding leadership. He has set quite the example for students at Boyce College.” -- Tiffany Rearden

* “He was so instrumental in my decision to come to Boyce. He met with us individually and prayed for us.” -- Robert Hutchison

* “Dr. Johnson is continually challenging the student body to live holy and blameless before God.” -- Shannon Robbins

* “Criswell College is very blessed to have him. He’ll do a great job as president of the college.” -- Joan Danao

* “He pushed me to study harder and to think more deeply.” -- Valerie Rader

* “He is obviously open to the call of God and obedient to the directive voice of God. That serves as a great example to the student body here.” -- Steve Rose

* “He has always been very gracious in making time for students, despite his demanding schedule.” -- John Wesley Barnett

* “Not only is he a wonderful, God-centered man, but he has been a great dean and professor.” -- April Dillihay

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