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SBTS security announces new parking policies
September 02, 2003
By Staff

Effective this semester, Southern Seminary’s office of Safety and Security will renew enforcement of all policies and procedures pertaining to on-campus parking.

A few of these policies have changed from last year, said Bob Perkins, Southern’s director of Security. Included among the new policies are new lower fines. Some fines for violations have decreased from $40 to $25, though the policies covering multiple violations still apply, Perkins said.

Perkins also announced the addition of a new parking lot. In order to address some of the parking overflow, Lot 10, located near Grinstead Drive along Seminary Road, is now open for commuters. All other designated parking lots remain the same as last year.

“With the increase in student enrollment, we need to advise commuter students that parking spaces may be hard to find,” said Security director Bob Perkins. “A parking permit allows you to park on campus but does not guarantee a parking space. Thus, be mindful of your class time and the availability of limited parking.”

Other reminders from Security include the following:

* Residential students should not drive their vehicles from their designated lots to another lot just to be closer to class. Commuters are reminded not to park in the Honeycutt Campus Center lot or other employee lots until after 4:30 p.m. daily.

* As a courtesy to the seminary’s neighbors, students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged not to park their vehicles on the residential streets adjacent to the campus. Those streets include Godfrey, Aubert and Meadowlark Avenues.

* Everyone who plans to operate a vehicle on seminary property must register that vehicle with the Security office. New or updated parking permits can be obtained from the Security office (Mullins 3126) during business hours.

* Students who properly registered their vehicles on-line will receive their parking permits or updated stickers via campus mail. Students who did not supply all the necessary information while registering online will need to come to Safety and Security to obtain a permit. If the form was incomplete, Security will attempt to contact the student, but it is the student’s responsibility to obtain a parking permit.

* Faculty, staff and employees can register by mailing or bringing the completed registration form to Security’s office. The form is available on the forms page of the Southern Seminary Intranet.

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