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'Truth on the Line' every day
September 02, 2003
By David Roach

Beginning Sept. 2, “Truth on the Line,” a 60-minute radio show hosted by R. Albert Mohler Jr., will broadcast five days a week from the new on-campus radio studio. “The show ... is a new opportunity to educate Christians by thinking out loud,” Mohler said. Photo by Andy Rawls

Radio and Internet listeners soon will have the opportunity to hear biblical perspectives on current issues from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president, R. Albert Mohler Jr. every weekday afternoon.

Beginning Sept. 2, “Truth on the Line,” a 60-minute radio show hosted by Mohler, will broadcast five days a week from the new on-campus radio studio at Southern Seminary. The show can be heard live Monday through Friday at 5 p.m. (EST) on Louisville’s WFIA (94.7 FM). Each day’s program will also be posted on the Internet at

The five-day-per-week broadcasts mark a significant expansion for “Truth on the Line,” which has aired once a week for more than two years.

During each show, Mohler comments on current events, interviews various guests and takes listeners’ phone calls. Recent shows have dealt with such topics as the ordination of openly homosexual Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson, Christians and the news media and the abortion debate.

One of the show’s goals, Mohler said, is to help Christians think about cultural issues from a scriptural perspective.

“We are attempting to take Christian radio to the deepest topics of cutting-edge issues and really think through these issues together from a Christian worldview perspective,” he said. “And that means addressing a radio audience as serious people who, as Christians, are interested in the most important issues of the day. The show is fun and serious. It is fast-paced but reflective. It is a new opportunity to educate Christians by thinking out loud.”

The expanded broadcast schedule will allow more people to hear the evangelical Christian worldview and to interact with Mohler, said Lawrence Smith, vice president for Communications at Southern.

“Dr. Mohler has gained a reputation over the years as someone who is unafraid to present a clear, biblical perspective on theological and cultural issues,” Smith said. “The daily radio show will allow him to engage potentially thousands of people at the same time. We call it ‘intelligent Christian conversation’ and we hope many will call the program with questions and comments. It’s a great extension of Dr. Mohler’s -- and Southern Seminary’s -- ministry.”

Mohler noted that the convenience of Southern’s on-campus radio studio makes it possible for him to host “Truth on the Line” every day amid an already packed schedule.

“It actually makes the difference between being able to do the show and not being able to commit to a daily schedule. In this case, I can walk right down the hallway and can be ready for the show just moments after another responsibility here on campus. And that makes the whole difference because I am first and foremost the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary,” he said.

Hosting “Truth on the Line” complements Mohler’s role as a theological educator, he pointed out, because the show teaches listeners -- including seminary students -- how to relate the message of Christ to current issues.

“I think it will help students to see another model of how to communicate the Gospel and use the media,” he said. “We are very intentional in modeling for our students what it would mean to engage the issues of the day in the public culture. And we are seeking to train them as well in gaining the tools necessary for learning how to be faithful in the media environment as in every other area of life.”

Ultimately, “Truth on the Line” aims to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the medium of radio, Mohler said.

“Radio affords a conversational opportunity to talk about the most important questions of the day and to think them through as Christians,” he said.

“This isn’t about entertainment although it is entertaining. It isn’t just about facts although we will convey a lot of facts. It’s not just about ideas even though we’ll be talking about ideas. It’s about arming the church for the battle we face, and there is no way to reach as many people with this much information as is available through radio.”

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