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Charles W. Draper

Position: Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Boyce College

Wife: Retta (since 1969)

Children: Rachelle (30), Charles (25)

Grandchild: Charles (born July 23, 2002)

Hometown: Jacksonville, Texas

Current church: Highview Baptist Church

Current local church ministry: Substitute teacher for Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.ís Sunday School class

Hobbies: SCUBA, Civil War history and battlefields, collecting fountain pens

Interesting facts about your family: Iím a third generation Baptist preacher. My wife is one of seven daughters of a Baptist pastor. Iím descended from one of the six founders of Harvard College, John Eliot.

Most influential person in your life: My brother, James T. Draper Jr.

Ministry passion: Expository preaching

Favorite course that you teach: History of the Bible

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: My first convocation in the fall, 1998

What influenced your decision to come to Southern: Dr. Ted Cabal and Dr. Mohlerís presidency

Favorite author: Elmore Leonard

Favorite movie: Gettysburg

How were you converted: In March 1953, when I was five years-old, a great Southern Baptist leader, Charles Matthews, came to my fatherís church in Houston, Texas, for a revival. One night, as the time for the invitation approached, I felt an unmistakable drawing. I responded to the invitation to the great surprise of both my parents, neither of whom had talked to me about salvation. My father counseled me carefully and was satisfied I had been converted. I was baptized. I have never seriously doubted it. My mother said she was convinced I was converted because the first thing I did was to go to the nursery and apologize to the workers for being so hard to handle.

A word of wisdom for Towers readers: "When I see that everything around me is to be destroyed, there remains nothing left worth living for but the glory of God." -- C.H. Spurgeon

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