Saturday, October 23, 2004  

John Polhill

John Polhill

Spouse: Nancy (36 years)

Children: Marian Elizabeth (33) and John Jr. (30)

Grandchildren: Madeline (3) and John Joseph (10 months)

Hometown: Americus, Ga., though grew up in Louisville

Current church: Lyndon Baptist Church

Current local church ministry: Teaching Sunday School

Ministry philosophy: We have this Treasure in earthen vessels.

Ministry passion: Preparing students to use the Greek text in their ministries

What influenced your decision to come to Southern: My father was a Southern Seminary alumnus, and I had grown up in Louisville from age 4 to 15.

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: Martin Luther Kingís chapel address when I was a student

Something surprising students may not know about you: When I was 18, I swam the Ohio River from West Point on the Kentucky side to the Indiana side.

Most interesting classroom moment: The time I had two class members (both varsity football players) eject two Moonies from the class who had come from the outside and were trying to take it over

Hobbies: Gardening; stamp and coin collecting

Most influential person in your life: My mother

Favorite author: James Michenor

Favorite preacher: Danny Akin

Favorite course that you teach: Textual criticism

Favorite TV show: The Cosby Show


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