Friday, October 22, 2004  

Peter Gentry

Peter Gentry

Wife: Barbara (24 years)

Children: Stewart (21) and Laura (20)

Hometown: Lennoxville, Quebec

Current church: Highview Baptist Church

Current church ministry: Adult Sunday School teacher

Hobbies: Canoeing, swimming, Scottish poetry

Ministry philosophy: Equipping faithful men for ministry, 2 Timothy 2

Ministry passion: Getting future pastors to use the original text

How you became a Christian: I trusted Christ when my mother explained the Gospel to me at age 6.

Most influential person in your life: S. Lewis Johnson, Jr.

What books, besides the Bible, have most influenced you: Calvin’s Institutes, because it exalts God and is pastoral in tone; William Dumbrell, Covenant and Creation; T.D. Alexander, The Servant King

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: Discussing the Bible with Dr. Daniel Block

Favorite author: Isabel Cameron

Favorite course that you teach: Advanced Greek Grammar

Favorite movie: Chariots of Fire

Favorite restaurant: Street sausage vendors in Toronto

What do you like most about teaching: Reading the Bible in Greek and Hebrew

Something surprising students might not know about you: I dropped out of Greek the first time I took it.

A word of wisdom for Towers readers: Knowing the text is more important than secondary literature


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