Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Brian Craig Richardson

Position: Basil Manly, Jr. Professor of Christian Education

Spouse: Sharon (40 years)

Children: Rebecca, Deborah and John

Grandchildren: Stephen, Nathan, Deborah and Esther Grace

An interesting fact about your family: My father came from Scotland. Some of his relatives were French Huguenots (one was minister of war under Louis XIV) who fled to Scotland during the persecutions in France. Other relatives signed the Covenant in Blood in Grayfrairs Churchyard in Scotland. Also, by the grace of God all of our immediate family know Christ as personal Savior and walk with Him. My daughter Debbie continues to suffer as a result of being hit by a hit-and-run driver years ago, but her faith has remained strong and for that we praise the Lord.

Hometown: Amsterdam, N.Y.

How you became a Christian: My father led me to Christ when I was young.

Current church: DeHaven Memorial Baptist

Current local church ministry: Interim pastor, Valley Station Baptist

Ministry passion: To see my students living for Jesus and effectively communicating the Word of God

What influenced your decision to come to Southern Seminary: Being a part of seeing a great denomination return to its strong biblical roots

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: I came early in the transition and was told by the trustees that I might not find a ready reception at Southern. Before arriving at Southern, however, I received a letter signed by 16 Southern students saying that my coming was an answer to their prayers.

Hobbies: Sports, collecting old time radio programs

Most influential person in your life: My father, a walking Bible encyclopedia

Something surprising students might not know about you: I played three years semi-professional baseball, and I was offered a bonus contract by Minnesota.

What book, besides the Bible, has most influenced you and why: Peace Child by Don Richardson. This true story makes it clear that God has placed a key in every culture to reach that culture with the Gospel.

Life Bible verse: Titus 3:5

Favorite authors: Charles Ryrie; Ron Hutchcraft

Favorite courses that you teach: Youth classes, principles of teaching classes, leadership classes

Favorite movie: "Chariots of Fire"

A word of wisdom for Towers readers: Satan is alive and well. He will shrewdly destroy your ministry if you take your eyes off Christ.

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