Tuesday, November 08, 2005

T.J. Betts

Position: Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation

Spouse: Ann (17 years)

Children: Joel (12) and John (9)

Pet: Cleo the Cat

An interesting fact about your family: I'm a fourth generation Southern Baptist minister.

Hometown: Vandalia, Ohio

Current church: 9th and O Baptist Church

Current church ministry: Sunday School teacher, Sunday night preaching team, Academy teacher

Hobbies: History (Ancient Near Eastern, Civil War and World War II), martial arts and Cleveland Browns football

What influenced your decision to come to Southern Seminary: R. Albert Mohler Jr.'s coming as president of the seminary and the conservative resurgence of the Southern Baptist Convention

Ministry philosophy: Ezra 7:10 to study God's Word, to obey God's Word and to instruct others in God's Word

Most interesting classroom moment: I asked a class if they knew what the Urum and Thummim were, and a student said (seriously) that he believed they were Moses' communication devices to a ship in outer space.

What books besides the Bible have most influenced you: Jeff Bridges' Pursuit of Holiness and Practice of Godliness

Most influential persons in your life: My parents, Charles and Joyce Betts

How you became a Christian: In a revival service in my home church in Willoughby, Ohio, when I was eight years old

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: Graduating

Something students might not know about you: I hold a brown/red belt in Tang Soo Do and a green belt in Shoryn Ryu Okinawian karate.

Favorite authors: Walt Kaiser, Eugene Merrill, Tremper Longman III and Jerry Bridges

Favorite course that you teach: Ancient Near Eastern History

Favorite TV show: "Hogan's Heroes"

A word of wisdom for Towers readers: Ministry is directed toward people and done unto God.

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