Tuesday, November 08, 2005  

Michael Lancaster

Spouse: Linda (26 years)

Children: Kevin (14) and Katherine (10)

Pets: Two cats, Cookie and Ginger

An interesting fact about your family: Our daughter, Katherine, has Down Syndrome and is participating in the Special Olympics as a gymnast.

Hometown: Detroit, Mich.

Current church: North Oldham Baptist Church

Current local church ministry: Director of Worship and Music

Hobbies: Running, reading, skiing

Most influential person in your life: My father. At 74 years old, he is finishing seminary in answer to a call to ministry.

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: Singing the role of Elijah in the performance of Mendelssohn's Elijah with the Oratorio Chorus and Seminary Orchestra, conducted by Chip Stam

Something surprising students might not know about you: I sang in the Dickens Carolers at Disneyland for a few years during the Christmas season.

Ministry passion: Seeing changed lives as a result of sincere and heartfelt singing during worship services of theologically rich texts wedded to appropriately well-crafted music

What do you like most about teaching: Relating artistry to Christian conviction

Favorite author: Phillip Yancey (What's So Amazing About Grace, Soul Survivor)

Favorite preacher: Charles Swindoll

Favorite course that you teach: "Choral Techniques"

Favorite movie: "Shadowlands"

How you became a Christian: I was raised Roman Catholic. As a teenager, I forsook my faith and declared myself an agnostic. During my freshman year of college, I was influenced by fellow music majors who were Christians and who appeared to possess a sincere faith. I attended a prayer meeting during which the person leading the discussion spoke about our living in the "last days." This discussion lasted long into the night, culminating in one of them asking me if I wanted to ask Christ to forgive my sins and come into my life as my Lord and Savior. After protesting for weeks, claiming that I had attended Mass every week while growing up (but of course, I was not attending at this time) proving I was a "Christian," I was compelled to say "Yes!" The two of us prayed together at that moment. The third stanza of "And Can It Be" describes my experience: "… I woke, the dungeon flamed with light; my chains fell off, my heart was free…" Since that dramatic darkness-to-light event, as the next phrase says, "I rose, went forth and followed Thee."


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