Thursday, May 01, 2008

Chuck Lawless

Position: William Walker Brookes Professor of Evangelism and Church Growth; Senior Associate Dean, Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Church Growth; Director of Professional Doctoral Studies

Spouse: Pam (14 years)

An interesting fact about your family: Pam and I were "fixed up" by two matchmaking church secretaries.

Hometown: Mason, Ohio

Current church: Highview Baptist Church (East Campus)

Current local church ministry: Most of my ministry involves interim pastorates and supply preaching each Sunday.

Hobbies: Reading, martial arts, traveling

Favorite Southern Seminary memory: Two favorites walking in my first convocation processional as a professor and receiving the Findley and Louvenia Edge Award for Teaching Excellence

How you became a Christian: A seventh-grade classmate (more specifically, an out-of-control 12-year-old Pentecostal) first shared the good news of Christ with me. Eleven months later, God saved me and called me to preach on the same day the first time that I had ever been in church.

Most influential person in your life: Four persons Rev. Jack Tichenor, a now deceased minister who showed me a pastor's heart; my wife, who has illustrated for me God's love; Thom Rainer, who encouraged me to come to Southern as a doctoral student, served as my faculty supervisor and now serves as my dean (and boss); Brandon Conner, who has allowed me to be a father in his life and "papaw" in the lives of his children

What you like most about teaching: I have the incredible privilege of training young men and women whose ministries will influence much more of the world than I could ever do through my own ministry.

Favorite courses that you teach: "Spiritual Warfare in Evangelism and Missions" and "Introduction to Evangelism and Church Growth"

Favorite music groups: Would it seem odd if I said I like both Michael W. Smith and Loretta Lynn?

Favorite movie: Most recently, "Ladder 49" (my father was a fireman)

A word of wisdom for Towers readers: Do what it takes to build relationships with lost persons. It will be difficult to reach lost persons if we have none who are friends and ministry too often secludes us from the very people who need to hear our message.

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