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A message from the Boyce Council president. . .
September 02, 2003
By Jim Winn

Boyce College Council president Jim Winn

As we embrace this new season of school, I marvel at the glorious work of our Lord in the midst of both incoming and returning students.

Hearing numerous testimonies of God’s grace and seeing the countenance of our Savior on faces, I strongly sense that the Lord is really doing some amazing work among us, which excites me in unspeakable ways.

As a community of believers and students of Boyce College, we have an amazing privilege given by our Lord to embark upon this season of studies, in order that we may show ourselves approved, grow in His knowledge and grace and be a people of passionate worship for the glory of His Name.

I pray we realize how desperate we need to be for His strength in all aspects of our lives, as without Him we are truly nothing. I would like to first of all address the new students. Undoubtedly there are some, if not most of you, who are scared to death about being away from home, and on top of that, being in Bible college.

Perhaps you are already overwhelmed with the amount of work and expectation of academic excellence. What an awesome opportunity to have the Lord be your supreme source of strength and help in this time of need. He alone can give you that help to get through the many times when you feel helpless.

I encourage you to rest in the confidence of Him being your ever-present help in all things. No paper, reading assignment, test, quiz or smallest thing can be accomplished apart from the grace He gives us to get through. As He has called you here to be equipped for His service, I am confident He will pull you through by the power of His Spirit.

To the returning students, I implore each of us to stay the course and persevere. I ask that we also seek for ways to involve new students in our lives, and encourage them with things the Lord has taught us.

We are a family, and the body of Christ needs to have different parts working together to make us more complete in Him and effective for His service.

Encourage new students to get plugged in, invite them to your local churches, take them under your wings and practice biblical hospitality.

As we pull together, being “one in spirit and in purpose,” we will be a people of praise and will let others know that we are His faithful servants.

Remember the words of our Lord Jesus, “To whom much has been given, much will be required.” We have been entrusted with learning His Word, and taking this truth and shining it in a lost and dying world.

If we don’t apply and live what we are learning, our training will be futile and an abomination to our Savior. Let us reflect lives of worship and bear fruit that will last, for the glory of our beloved King.


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