Monday, February 14, 2005

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Preview conference provides guidance, encouragement in godly living
October 25, 2004
By Ericia Boggs

Southern Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. addresses prospective students during one of the sessions of Boyce College's fall preview conference Oct. 9. Photo by Jeff Stinnett

Choosing a college. For high school graduates, it is perhaps the most life-changing decision so far in their nascent lives. And it is not a choice to be made without much care, counsel and consideration.

For this reason, Boyce College hosts semi-annual preview conferences. These events allow prospective students to taste the college experience before taking a larger bite. In two busy, action-packed days, students also have the opportunity to see the specific advantages of the ministry and worldview training at Southern Seminary's undergraduate institution.

More than 30 prospective students along with their families visited Boyce's campus for the most recent preview conference Oct. 9-10.

"I'm excited about who God has coming to Boyce as well as what God's going to do through those students here," said Ed Stucky, assistant director of admissions for Boyce College.

Throughout their visit, prospective students were given opportunities to attend classes, talk with professors one-on-one, ask many questions and spend quality time with current students to get a feel for Boyce College.

This semester's preview conference offered a brand new format, changing from a three-day to a two-day event all day Friday and half a day on Saturday.

During Friday's activities, students and their families toured the campus facilities and housing units, as well as attended classes.

Later that evening, Southern Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr. and Boyce College Dean Jimmy Scroggins held a question and answer session, which "went over very well," Stucky said.

During that session, a mother of both a current and a prospective Boyce student gave a testimony about what a blessing the Boyce College community had been through her recent diagnosis and battle with cancer.

"She expressed her appreciation to God and to President Mohler and to Dean Scroggins because she was blessed to have her son preparing for ministry at place that cared so much for him and ... [that] had shown their care and concern by lifting up the entire family with prayer and encouragement," Stucky said.

Following the question and answer session, the more than 50 guests, representing 12 states, went to the Mohler's home for a reception. The highlight for most of the guests was a tour of Mohler's library.

Another new addition to the preview conference was a concert given by "By the Tree" after the reception in Boyce Chapel in the Carver building.

One thing about the conference that remained the same was the "Late Night with Boyce Student Life" event, the climax of which was the ever-popular "Capture the Flag" game that lasted until early Saturday morning.

During the last day of the conference, Boyce's associate dean of student life Chip Collins and Southern Seminary's director of admissions Scott Davis offered sessions on understanding the call to ministry. -Following those sessions, preview weekend ended with a picnic for the prospective students and their families in the Carver circle.

Although the weekend was full of fun and excitement, the sessions were designed to stress to the students the importance of their calling not just their call to ministry, but their calling to live a holy life before God, to place Him first and to honor Him with every aspect of their lives.

"All of our preview conferences are focused on the need of students to grow in their daily walk with the Lord through spending time with Him and not substituting theology reading for their daily devotions," Stucky said.

"The spiritual atmosphere that was present throughout this past preview weekend was at a higher level than what I have seen previously."

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