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Interview with new associate director of student life Kristin Wicker
January 24, 2005
By Towers Interview

This January, Kristin Wicker assumed a new role as associate director of student life at Boyce College. Below is an interview with the recent graduate of Southern Seminary, where she describes her goals for the upcoming semester.

Towers: Describe your new role at Boyce College and the responsibilities you will be assuming.

Wicker: For the past two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed working as the women's student life coordinator and am grateful to be able to stay here at Boyce. I am continuing to work with associate dean of student life Chip Collins, giving specific attention to three areas student leadership development, special events and, of course, ministry to women.

At Boyce, we are passionately committed to seeing students thoroughly equipped for ministry. How they spend their time at Boyce matters. We are called to be faithful in all things, even and especially in the little things. Students serving as resident leaders, student council members and "Howdy" leaders are every day being taught lessons about servant leadership that will equip them for many years of successful service to the Body of Christ. That's what student leadership development is all about.

I will be working with the student council to facilitate activities for the student body that will edify the individual student while establishing a sense of community here on campus. The friendships made during a student's time at Boyce will serve as a great source of strength and encouragement throughout his or her years of ministry.

In ministering to women, I am especially excited about teaching a class this semester "The Role of Women In Ministry." One of my favorite things to talk about is biblical womanhood. I am excited to see how God will use the young ladies from Boyce to further the advance of His Kingdom as they embrace God's plan for them as women.

Towers: What activities can students look forward to in the upcoming semester?

Wicker: So many things are happening this spring. We have a wide range of activities for students to get involved in. Ladies and men's night is ... a great opportunity to hear from professors and their wives, and enjoy being just with the guys or the girls. FOCUS is another annual event held at Boyce, providing students with the chance to come together before the throne of God, bringing their requests before Him in prayer. The spring retreat will also be a great time to get away for the purpose of refreshment through teaching, worship and just plain fun.

Other events coming up toward the end of the semester bear mentioning: BandFest, Thunder Over Louisville evangelism and outreach and the spring banquet have all become regular events for the college.

Towers: What is the focus and purpose of the activities that Student Life sponsors?

Wicker: In Student Life, we seek to partner with both the professors teaching in the classrooms and the local church to prepare the student for many years of fruitful ministry. We are here as a resource, as encouragers, as listening ears and as equippers. So much teaching during this season of life takes place outside the classroom. We want to provide our students the opportunity to grow together - spiritually, emotionally and relationally. The focus of all we do is the call of God on each of our lives to advance God's Kingdom wherever we are no matter age, relational status or life situation and to bring glory to His Name.

Towers: How can students become more involved in Boyce student life?

Wicker: There are two things that are being offered on an almost weekly basis: men's/women's Bible studies and evangelism teams. The men's and women's Bible studies are new this semester, and will be held every Thursday night at 9:30. A student can choose what day of the week is best for them to go out with evangelism teams as they go out to the city every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. For more information on both of these ministries, please contact the student council or me (; Carver 113A).

There are always opportunities to serve and get involved with every event that is held. If a student is interested in participating, helping or even leading one of these events, they should feel free to see a student council member or myself.

Towers: What is something interesting that students might not know about you?

Wicker: Most know this, but it's the most interesting thing about me: I'm getting married this May.


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